Some Reasons Why You Should Opt For Vietnam Motorcycle Trips

When it comes to travel in Vietnam, a lot of people still think of some common means of transport like airplanes, buses, and public cars. However, in fact, there are many other ways of traveling that become more and more popular in recent years. And the one that has won the hearts of many travelers is traveling by motorbike

If you feel a bit bored with the traditional transport, then why don’t you try going on a Vietnam motorcycle trip? Stay tuned and we will tell you the reasons!

Some Reasons Why You Should Opt For Vietnam Motorcycle Trips
Some Reasons Why You Should Opt For Vietnam Motorcycle Trips

Freedom To Manage Time And Places To Go 

First, it’s obvious that if you move on your own motorcycle, you can stop whenever you want. 

You come across a blue and sun-drenched beach on the road and just want to pull over and submerge in the cerulean water to avoid the burning heat of summer? Easy, just stop and crash into it because there is no fixed schedule for you. You come across a village in the mountain where some innocent kids are playing and you want to capture all these images? Or simply you decide to spend your night in a certain place, set up camp on the grass hill and watch stars in the night sky. On your own, you can freely do what you want, just find a favorite place for great relaxation. If you are on a scheduled trip, you certainly can’t tell the driver to stop, unless it’s your car. 

You do not like big roads and just love the trails that indigenous people often go in the remote lands? You want to get to all the tourist attractions in this area but there are only two days and you can not find any buses passing all of them? Don’t worry, when you ride a motorcycle, all you need to do is just make a way through all those places at your own leisure! You want to stay in some places for a few more days, then just do that without worrying about anything. Why? Simply because your motorbike is also your most loyal companion. It will go with you to any place you like! That’s so amazing, right? We believe that nothing can stop you from having a motorcycle tour in Vietnam right now. 

Opportunity To Enjoy The Beautiful View Of Roadsides During Your Trip

If you sit in the car, you will be separated by the glass windows. Meanwhile, sitting on the motorcycle will help see the horizon in the distance and sunshine on the water, hear the voice of the birds or the sound of leaves rustling on the road, and smell the scent of flowers on the way. All these fascinating things will welcome you to the new lands. For some, riding through bumpy roads and exotic terrains would pose some exciting experience. Until then, you have really integrated with nature and become a part of it. 

Taking a Vietnam motorcycle trip will feast your eyes on poetic scenery on the road, then you can stop anytime you want to take some beautiful photos. 

They often say you live only once, so do not waste any single moment in your life, just enjoy your journey with your adventurous heart. We believe you can fully revel in the picturesque nature before your eyes.

Stop For A Break To Take Pictures And Chat With Local People

You will totally regret it if you return from this trip without taking some stunning photos, especially when the roadside landscapes keep passing through before your eyes. 

Once you’ve got in your motorbike and followed your journey, especially when you’re abroad, we are sure you’ll meet and connect with many new people, friends on the road such as gasoline sellers, food sellers, local police, mechanics, other bikers or the kind landlord giving you shelter overnight and inviting you a meal. This is a good opportunity to learn about the life and culture of the friendly locals who will treat you with all their hospitality and love. When meeting them, you will have a chance to hear a lot of interesting stories from which you can gain deeper insights into the land and the people as well. 

Reasonable Costs

This is one of the top reasons that make young people choose to travel by motorcycle. Not everyone can afford luxurious tours; therefore, the choice of road trips on a cool motorbike, especially the fuel-saving ones, is always attractive. Choosing to travel by motorbike will help you save much more money than other vehicles.

Adventure lovers who often do not put the issue of comfort on the top while having to travel on a budget are highly recommended to take a Vietnam motorcycle trip.

Learn How To Manage And Solve The Problems On Your Own

We have to say that traveling in Vietnam by motorbike is dangerous compared to other vehicles like planes or cars because it is quite challenging to deal with the Vietnamese traffic and conquer winding roads in highland regions. Besides, there will be many other things that you can not anticipate when traveling by motorcycle in the country. In particular, your motorbike runs out of gas on the road, breaks down, or gets stuck at a dangerous ramp. However, it is also a great chance for you to practice the ability to stay calm and improve the decision-making skill to prevent unexpected situations and overcome the problems. 

Running the motorbike under the long schedule or bad terrains will train you with 100% concentration and excellent visibility to prevent the risks that you may occur during your Vietnam motorcycle trip. This is an extremely effective method that a lot of backpackers are taking. After these situations, you will feel more confident to keep on going on the road full of troubles. We are sure that after every trip, you will learn a lot of useful and interesting things that greatly contribute to improving your living skills.


Traveling by motorbike is also an effective way to explore yourself and step out of your comfort zone. Motorbike trips are awaiting you, so do not hesitate and let your life become fresh and more enjoyable with a Vietnam motorcycle trip!

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