Best time to visit Cambodia for unforgettable memories

Visiting Cambodia, the land full of mystery with the magical temples of Angkor Wat always inspires those who are interested in traveling. Coming and admiring the magnificent beauty and the majesty and ancient of the country, the Cambodian temple towers are always something interesting that everyone wants to visit once in their lifetime. 

Looking for the real experiences to explore this scenic country? It is important for travelers to plan well and decide when to visit Cambodia. Read on to our month-by-month guide to find out the best time to visit Cambodia as well as useful sharings about the climate.

How is the weather in Cambodia?

There is no redundancy at all to learn a little bit about the weather patterns in Cambodia, especially when you are planning a Cambodia motorbike tour. Or else, the bad weather will unexpectedly ruin the plan of your dream trip. And, you may want to know or avoid any season when planning to visit this country. 

The weather in Cambodia is always in high temperature, especially peaks in March and May, it will be very hot with temperatures reaching around 32°C and above. From December to January, temperatures are cooled down approximately 25°C to 30°C and people here will live in the dry season. Peak times of tourism from November to February are the time the country experience cooler and more pleasant weather. Tourists will feel comfortable when exploring historical temples in mild weather or sunbathe under the warm golden sunlight by the sandy coast. 75% of the annual rainfall of Cambodia starts between May to October when the humid rainy season boots high temperatures. 

How about seasons in Cambodia? 

Cambodia is a tourist destination that is always mysterious with adventure lovers, and the tropical monsoon climate makes it much more mysterious. So, knowing well about the seasons in Cambodia will be the key element for you to decide the best time to visit Cambodia smoothly and safely. Here’re the different seasons with their distinctive characteristics: 

The dry season

The dry season in Cambodia (November to May) is subdivided into a hot and cool season. In this time, a lot of tourists come here and join a Mekong River cruise with their fellow travelers. This is the most popular activity to enjoy the weather. 

The dry season makes it itself somehow different in its cool and hot subdivision which are: 

The cool subdivision

Starting between November and February, this season makes the weather in Cambodia quite mild at the averages of between 21-30℃. This is the perfect time for beach days or extended hiking tours through the immense green jungles across Cambodia. Temples will be crowded than ever, then prices will be much higher. And, the popular lodgings will be filled up quickly with travelers from everywhere in the world. Therefore, don’t hesitate to book accommodation at least months before your journey if you don’t want to pay more than normal days.  

The hot subdivision

Well, it is extremely humid and hot from March to June. It may be a bad trip ever to travel to Cambodia this occasion since you will first suffer from taxing extreme heat and then occasional rains for an hour. Temperatures can reach 35℃. So terrible! If you don’t have good physical health, walking down the streets or around the temples under these temperatures is like taking risks. However, taking a beach swimming under the heat won’t make it that bad.

The rainy season

Cambodia from May to October often welcomes occasional rains up to at least twenty days per month. Traveling in the temperature of 25-27℃ with a light raincoat is also a good idea. Feel free to enter endless exploration of famous landscapes and enjoy breathtaking views here. Think carefully before coming to remote areas in Cambodia because there are many floods here.

The best time to visit Cambodia 

Now, you have basic knowledge about how the weather in Cambodia like in different months of the year. One certain thing is too hot or too cold is not good for a perfect journey. It’s time to bring the answer out. 

November to April

The time between November and April with little rain is the ideal time for your Cambodia trip. No extreme rains or heat, the blue sky is blue so you can enjoy a great time on a relaxing weekend getaway by a Southern coast. At this time, the weather is cool, sunny, mild, and rainy sometimes to cool down the summer heat.

In November, tourists can join Bon Om Touk,  the most bustling and vivid festival in Cambodia. The local people hold this festival in 3 days to celebrate the end of the wet season. On Tonle Sap River, travelers can see a monumental colorful LED boat parade and a vibrant boat race. 

Visiting Cambodia in April under the temperature of 33°C is also exciting since travelers will have the chance to witness the whole Cambodian New Year- Chaul Chnam. This holiday makes Cambodia a bustling and brilliant with crowded towns and colorful cities. Be willing to get wet when venturing down the streets.

May to October

This occasion is actually less popular for annual visits of tourists, however, traveling is also great if you are a keen fan of nature who is looking for the stunning natural beauty of lush green forests and quiet outer-lying temples. Join a short trip to The Tonle Sap, the biggest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia when summer ends. It’s also great! 

The green season from June to August is also the time of memorable moments with the monsoons, abundant fresh vegetables, and fruits. 

So, when you will come to this country totally depends on your choice and what you intend to do on your trip to Cambodia. Now, we believe that you have the right answer for the best time to visit Cambodia. 


Traveling Cambodia is not a difficult task, you will surely enjoy relaxing moments and have fun here. With endless marvelous sceneries, Cambodia totally deserves to be one of the best destinations in your travel list 2020. Choose your best time to visit Cambodia based on what we shared above and enjoy a Cambodia motorbike tour with BM Travel. I wish you a fulfilling trip! 

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