Vietnam Motorbike Rental – Best Price

Vietnam is a beautiful country with many majestic natural landscapes, The roads here have become legendary for travel enthusiasts on motorcycles. To visit Vietnam by motorbike, there are many questions for tourists. We will help you answer questions and your journey will be the most memorable journey in Asia.

  • So how do you hire a good motorbike in Vietnam?
  • Which way to go?
  • What should be prepared before going?
  • And which company offers the best quality motorbike rental?
  • Vietnam motorbike rental best price.

In Vietnam, there are many companies that rent motorbikes for self-driving, quite a lot of prices are offered for tourists to choose from. However, to get a safe trip, you should choose the motorbike of a reputable your motorbike must be best prepared when you meet it.  BM travel company or Vietnam motorbike tours club with new motorcycles, experienced operators to give you advice useful in your journey. Vietnam motorbike tours club is proud to bring you the best motorbike rental service.

About Vietnam motorbike tours club:

Vietnam motorbike tours club was established with the belief to bring Vietnamese image to world friends, therefore, we are passionate people who always want our values to be recognized by customers. Because of that, we always try to make the best of our services. We are operated by guides who have more than 10 years experience in the tourism industry, the motorbikes are invested by reputable motorcycle companies in the world such as Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki DRZ 400cc … For Vietnam motorbike tours club you are not only travelers, but you are also our friends and valuable affirmative. Every step of your journey in Vietnam is precious to us.

What makes Vietnam motorbike tours club different for other motorbike rental companies in Vietnam include:

  • Our moderator is an international tour guide, he has a lot of experience in motorbikes, in addition, he is good at many different languages like English, Spanish, Portugal.
  • We have good mechanics to bring the safest motorbikes to you
  • We support our customers 24 hours a day, wherever you are in Vietnam, if you need to support them, we are ready to do our best for you.
  • All terms between us and tourists are clear and expressed in Document (Travel contract).

So how do you hire a good motorbike in Vietnam?

  • First of all, the motorbikes you choose must be produced from famous and reputable motorcycle brands in the world. Like Honda, Suzuki …
  • Our current motorbikes include Honda Crf 250L (2015-2016-2017-2018), Suzuki DRZ 400, Honda Crf, XR 150…
  • These are our own motorcycles, we usually spend the best on our motorbikes, you can feel it when you start the engine.

Which way to go?

Vietnam motorbike tours club has designed a lot of motorbike tours, which are beautiful natural landscapes, creating many challenges for you to explore, they include Northern Loop Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh trail motorbike tours, Off-road Vietnam motorcycle tours or go to remote places like central Vietnam… If you want to consult a few trips, please visit our website: Vietnam Motorbike tours club.

What should be prepared before going?

For each journey, challenge the first thing we want to give you the advice to find out about your upcoming trip, the climate, the terrain. That brings you safety, Vietnam motorbike rental you have to pay more attention to because of delivery as well as the terrain in this country. The things you need include:

– Helmet

– Protection cloth

– Raincoat

– Map or GG MAP

– Full of personal belongings

– A bit of car repair skills if you can.

Our advice is that you should use motorbike tour service at Vietnam motorbike tours club, you will be provided with everything including tour guides, which will ensure your safety on every trip.

Vietnam motorbike rental best price.

  • With high-quality motorcycles, regularly maintained, we are confident, is the rental price at Vietnam motorbike tours club is the lowest in the market today.

Motorbike rental Price:  Honda XR 150.

  • This is one of our lowest-powered motorbikes, yet it offers an incredible toughness, durability, and robustness that describe this motorbike.

Price: 25 USD/Day (Not include: Helmet, Protection cloth, Raincoat).

Motorbike rental Price: Honda CRF 250 L (2016 – 2018)

  • This is the most beloved motorbike requested by our guests, all the best things exist on these motorcycles.

Price: 55 USD/ Day (Not include: Helmet, Protection cloth, Raincoat)

Motorbike rental Price: Suzuki DRZ 400 cc.

  • Finally, our most high-class motorbikes come from famous brands in the world: Suzuki. If you are a motorcycle enthusiast, you will probably appreciate this motorbike, but if you are a beginner, this motorbike will make you no longer like other motorcycles.

Price: 75 USD/Day (Not include: Helmet, Protection cloth, Raincoat)

Conditions for renting motorbikes at Vietnam motorbike tours club.

  • Contact us first so we can prepare the best motorbikes according to your wishes.
  • You will have to pay 100% of the rental cost in advance.
  • Leave your passport for us or you must deposit money equal to 30% of the value of the motorbike.
  • You will have to compensate if the motorcycle is broken and the error is caused by you, the price will be calculated according to the replacement value of the motorbike.
  • As one of the leading motorbike rental companies in Vietnam, everything we bring to visitors is clear and committed.
  • All conditions are clearly shown on the motorbike rental contract between us and the tourist.

Above is all you need to get the most interesting journey in Vietnam by motorbike. Contact us and you will get what you want in Vietnam. In addition, we have a lot of exciting motorbike tours for travelers, passionate enthusiasts and want a guide to not miss anything in Vietnam…

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